HM Precise Tiling

Sydney based Tiling Contractor that specialises in aspects of tiling.

HM Precise Tiling
Project Summary

Establishing an Online Presence for HM Precise Tiling

We recognize the crucial role that an established online presence plays for businesses in today’s digital landscape. That is why we were excited to collaborate with HM Precise Tiling on creating a website that effectively highlights their expertise and portfolio of work. The website is designed to reflect the company’s professionalism and quality of service, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of what they can expect from HM Precise Tiling.

Our Advanced Marketing Solutions

We employed our advanced marketing strategies and techniques to enhance the online presence of HM Precise Tiling. Our efforts included optimizing the company’s website, Google Business listing, and social media accounts. These optimizations were instrumental in increasing visibility and reach among potential customers, providing HM Precise Tiling with a distinct advantage in their industry.

Showcasing Services and Projects

The website we developed for HM Precise Tiling is designed with the user experience in mind. One of the key features of the website is the comprehensive portfolio section which prominently showcases the wide range of services offered by the company including tile installation, design consultation, tile repair, maintenance and cleaning. The portfolio section boasts detailed project galleries that allow potential clients to appreciate the superior workmanship and capabilities of HM Precise Tiling. Additionally, the website also features a clear and concise list of services, making it easy for potential customers to navigate and understand the scope of services provided by HM Precise Tiling.

Building a Social Media Audience

In addition to enhancing the website and Google Business listing, our team also provided support to HM Precise Tiling in building a robust social media presence. We accomplished this by crafting engaging content and executing targeted advertising campaigns which helped in growing the company’s followers on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This not only helped increase visibility but also provided HM Precise Tiling with an opportunity to promote their work to a wider audience.


The efforts put in by our team have yielded outstanding results for HM Precise Tiling. The website now boasts high search engine rankings, making it more discoverable to potential customers. The company’s social media following has also witnessed a significant increase, which further amplifies visibility and reach. In summary, our advanced marketing solutions have enabled HM Precise Tiling to establish a robust online presence, positioning them for success in today’s digital era.


At Luminous Software Solutions, we specialize in providing efficient digital solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Our collaboration with HM Precise Tiling has enabled us to develop a website that effectively highlights their services and projects, optimize their online presence, and establish a robust social media following. If you are seeking to establish or enhance your online presence, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can assist your business in achieving success.

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